Monday, October 1, 2007

You might Beijinger if...

1-You like throwing stuff at the animals in your super-depressing zoo. Check out Andreas blog for more on that. It's a sad story.

2- You love getting awards. I mean, you really, really love getting awards. Beijing has tons and tons of these little awards/trophy shops all over. In fact, if you see one of them, chances are you'll see at least three more before you get to the end of the block. There are even some streets that have upwards of ten shops selling plaques, trophies, cups and other awards and awards paraphernalia. Why? Who knows. Maybe in the absence of a truly free market people need trophies to stay motivated at work. Maybe used plaques commemorating the 25th City Games of Hangzhou are status symbols. Then again, I have yet to see any business transacted in one of these stores...

3- You make your kids wear assless pants. Seriously, you see little kids walking around the streets in pants with the ass cut out. I try to avoid wondering why.

4- You smoke cigarettes while riding a bike. Experts might even talk on a cell phone at the same time.

5-You know how to add those little touches that make a car look truly classy. Booyakasha!


zibnorb7 said...

Well I can solve one mystery of the Oriental world... assless pants for kids, AKA: the Eastern Diaper. I was lucky enough to stumble across an article here last year, about Occidental mothers who don't use diapers on their babies. In this article there were many references about the Asian practice of assless pants. Mothers in the East dress their children in these pants so they can "go to the bathroom" where ever they may be. I hope this has all been very enlightening.
So have a great time, eat amazing food, take care of my sis, and watch where you step!

sena_k said...

That was my guess...There's a *movement* (ahem) afoot here to create this same kind of diaper-less child-rearing. You keep little buckets all over the place so you're ready when your kid is. They showed a picture of a mom nursing a kid and holding a bucket under her rear at the same time.


I'll stick with pampers, thank you very much.