Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sweet Rides from the Middle Kingdom

Since I know at least one of you out there is a big gearhead I figured I'd post a short homage to a few of the more unique four-wheeled rides here in Beijing... so here goes!No idea what this one is... cute though!
Trying a little too hard to look like an older Mercedes... very popular too (whatever it is).
Heh... this one is just way too cool. Probably more of a "Saturday night chick magnet" than "everyday transport"
The wildly popular but snooze-inducing VW Santana.
The Suzuki Wagon R... this one looks especially good in its two-tone paint job.
The Changan (Suzuki?) Alto. One of the most popular cars here, and full of character. Way cool.
Buicks seem to be real status symbols here. Maybe if the American versions had some of that Maybach look about the headlights they might sell better too...
Dunno... kind of a Chinese Renault Twingo... only not as cute.

Anyway, I'll probably do this again when I accumulate a few more pictures. There are way more unique and funny looking rides to document!

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Paul Niedermeyer said...


Love the Chinese cars. Some are recognizable as Chinese variants of big manufacturers, and others are strictly local. Love that Wagon R. So are you keeping an eye out for a 1966 The East Glows? Don't give up.

Mom will love the roses when she gets home today.