Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Pictures, Less Talking

Hutong breakfast (clockwise from bottom): Tamarind Gingerbread, Jiang Bing, Sesame Sticks (think semi-sweet fried pretzels with sesame seeds) and Cha (jasmine tea).
China has a conflicted relationship with it's Communist past. This Adidas ad shows that they are getting over it, though.This band kicks serious ass. I swear to god, the violin player could make that instrument sound like a fairytale princess singing from an enchanted castle. It was enough to make you want to cry... The old and the new. A pagoda on lake HouHai and a giant building being constructed in the central business district. You might be able to see the cranes on top of the huge buildings frame which make it look like something out of Star Wars.HouHai bar district at night. Trendy and overpriced, but not without its charm..
The Drum and Bell towers across HouHai at night. Not a bad sight to stare at while getting tossed in a bar, eh?If I could master the Chinese way with words, I wouldn't have to put so many pictures in my blog posts, now would I?


sena_k said...

The Sunlight-Beauty Gynecology Hospital of Beijing.


Karl Niedermeyer said...


Hope you don't mind me enjoying both blogs, particularly the views and reviews. The hospital is too funny and the zoo is too sad. Despite your ability to pull back the curtain a bit I remain confused and uncertain about what China means to China even with Andrea's insightful commentaries.

Cheers and safe travels!