Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh No You Didn't

Sorry Mom, but I rented a moped and spent two days cruising the crazed streets of Hanoi. The second day was Andrea's day off from the conference, and she took this video from the back of our Honda Wave. Feel the pavement-rippling power of our 100cc hog, as we join the the chaos of Hanoi traffic. The video starts close to the Vietnam Military History Museum, and the first point of interest is Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum. From there we pretty much just get lost. Which pretty much summarizes my two days cruising Hanoi. Lots and lots of getting lost. And really, if there's a better way to see a city I can't think of it.


Stephanie said...

Mom says: "I'm jealous! I want to go and ride on the back of a bike too through Hanoi."

Looks like a great ride, and the traffic looks quite light, and very civilized. Great video; we felt like we were hanging on there with you.

Enjoy the rides, and Mom says to keep that helmet on. Love,

Paul and Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Great video!!! Post more when you get a chance...

George is having a great time out here... he's getting his country holiday in while you two are out of town.

Safe travels to/in Cambodia and have a fantastic time!

Love, Laurel

daveJ said...

that is so freakin' cool!!!

your folks are right - feels like we're practically on the trip with you. the immediacy of it all!

have fun,
-dave and kyleen

Anonymous said...

oh no you didn't!!
That video was amazing, especially the first two minutes being nothing but Andrea's giggles! LOVE IT!
I really think you were born for Hanoi life....
How's the food been?

see you in one piece when you get home, right??


sena_k said...

Scooter ride through Hanoi is made of WIN!

Looks like you guys are fitting right in. Love the post about the food and here's hoping you have a safe trip to Cambodia.