Sunday, February 3, 2008

Under Armour: The Sportswear of Fascists

Well, the superbowl is over, and I'm still basking in schadenfreude at the Patriots unexpected loss to the Giants. I got a chuckle or two out of a few of the ads too, but one in particular was just plain scary. The athletic gear company Under Armour ran a 60 second spot (which apparently was expensive enough to cause the company's stock to plummet by nearly 50%) featuring it's new "Prototype" shoe and it's new marketing slogan "The Future Is Ours." The ad starts typically for the genre: athletes training in CGI environments, but it rapidly builds to a weird, highly fascistic political rally of sorts, complete with banners bearing the Under Armour logo and words like "power." Now, I realize that the whole calling things fascist meme has gotten a bit out of control lately, so just take a look. Just don't blame me when you have nightmares about Under Armour henchmen hauling you off to a concentration camp because you can only do three pushups.
The Future is Ours - Under Armour

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